FLOURISH Saturday @The Cap

8:00 - 2:00 AM Saturday 22 June $20.00

  • 19+

$20 in advance, $30 at the door, or free entry with festival pass // 19+

Ticket grants you access to all events in The Cap (including The Cap, Wilsers Room, The Nest).

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Doors at 8:00PM

In The Cap:

  • Taupe: 9-9:30
  • Balaclava: 10-10:30
  • Dad Patrol: 11-11:30
  • Absolute Losers: 12-12:30
  • Barnacle: 1-1:30

In Wilsers Room:

  • Mayaya: 8-8:30
  • DW: 8:30-9
  • Eye.Sha: 9:30-10
  • General Khan:10:30-11
  • El Tata: 11:30-12
  • HAWA B: 12:30-1

In The Nest:

  • Cons: 9:30-10
  • aRENYE: 10:30-11
  • DJ Blew: 11-12
  • Frank Mack: 12-2

Events downstairs in The Cap (DenMother, Monark, JupiterReign, Russell Louder) will be live-streamed for free on the FLOURISH Festival Twitch account.

Click here to view our Twitch account

Installations and featured work by Kristina Rolander, sophia bartholomew, Jaime Salgado, Penelope Stevens, Kate Hamill, Yousef Houssain, Bennie Allain, Evan Cook, ashleigh, Grace Van Der Velden and more.


The Cap

362 Queen Street, E3B 1B2

Some events at The Cap will be accessible for all ages. Our schedule indicates all ages programming.
Masks are not required, but encouraged in this venue. We support those that choose to wear a mask to help protect their own health and the health of those around them. Masks and hand sanitizer will be available at no cost.
Main floor / venue is wheelchair accessible, but does not have power doors and the space is generally small and narrow. Upstairs venues (The Nest, Wilser’s Room) are not (1 flight of stairs to the Nest patio, with additional steps to Wilser's Room).
The Cap does not have designated parking. Parking is available to the front of The Cap (ground floor), but this is based on availability and is not specifically accessible parking.
Gender-neutral washrooms available across the venue inclusive of stalls.
Designated space for accessibility items can be arranged (please contact us in advance for any large items that we should be aware of / may need additional space for).
Trained harm reduction and Project Soundcheck staff and/or volunteers on site.
The Cap is near the Kings Place bus hub.