Squatter Drek

Interdisciplinary - Digital Collection Fredericton

Squatter Drek is a physical avatar for the human being known as Greg Everett. In the pre-Covid era, Everett’s name was attached to works of theatre such as CARRION BIRDS (2018) and GULLYWHUMP (2019), winners in the One Act category of the NotaBle Acts Theatre Festival, as well as Creation Grants through Arts NB for site specific projects in Fredericton’s Old Burial Ground (2019) and the Charlotte Street Arts Centre (2020). Post-isolation, Drek burst forth from chrysalis to cast off the butterfly-leavings of old stories for new worlds of sci-fi and cyberpunk, and new mediums like kitbashing. NEO BRUNSWICK: 1984 - 2084 In the year 2084, the Wellspring Corporation, Atlantic Canada’s premier employer and top economic engine, commissions a collection of archival materials from its Public Archives branch to celebrate the 100th anniversary of its incorporation as a company, which coincides with the 300th anniversary of New Brunswick’s incorporation as a province under British rule. The result is The Wellspring Retrospect: 100 Years of Progress, a collection of photos and artifacts documenting the technological revolution and economic regenesis through which a single company transformed an entire region. NEO BRUNSWICK is a series of photo manipulations and objets d’art presented along with archival descriptions to depict an alternate vision of New Brunswick’s past, present, and future wherein a single corporate entity exerts financial, political, and supernatural power in order to ensure its own unprecedented growth. The entire collection may be accessed at www.neobrunswick.ca