Remnants of Decay (Cheryl Johnson and Raven Blue)

Visual Artist Saint John, NB

Remnants of Decay shows how natural elements can blend into our modern age while examining the disintegration and remains that technology brings. In some areas, natural elements are featured, including dried leaves, moss, and animal bones and skulls. While in other spaces, discarded electrical equipment and remnants of the current times are displayed. These two concepts blend together with a subtle element of interaction, exploring the themes of transformation and evolution. Raven Blue is an interdisciplinary artist based in Saint John, NB. He has produced experimental works in film and music in collaboration with artists in the Atlantic Region. He has been making experimental films and music from an early age and has an affinity for taking photographs in the neighbourhoods of Saint John. @ux_blue Cheryl Johnson is an artist and taxidermist in rural New Brunswick. She creates unique pieces with curious finds and natural materials using various methods of preservation. Cheryl can be found adventuring and foraging in the backwoods. Some of her recent art include a framed luna moth, a taxidermied mouse in a teacup, and an articulated deer vertebrae backbone. @backriverlady