Olka Art Collective

Visual Artist Fredericton, NB

Olka is a group of four Iranian artists based in Frederiction. The members have experience in professional visual artwork for more than thirteen years. This group have worked collectively since 2012. "Olka" means "Homeland". The reason we chose this name for our group is the idea that your homeland is where you are creating, not where you were born. Parisa, Ismail, Layla and Tania are the members of the group. Parisa and Tania met when they were studying painting and became friends. Also, the relationship between Ismail and Parisa was shaped at the same time. The friendship between Ismail, Layla, and Tania goes back to about twelve years ago. All the members, work on each piece collectively. The interesting thing about this group is the extraordinary trust they share. Members spend equal (and sometimes unequal) times on each piece but the idea sharing and decision making is done as a group, in complete equality.