Not Now, Madame!

Music - Melancholy Alt Rock Fredericton, NB

Merging soulful, alternative grooves with pungent, melancholic lyrics, and unrestrained fiery vocals, Not Now, Madame! pushes you to the deepest corner of your mind and swaddles you in rhythm and bliss. Close your eyes, hear the words, and bop your head. All is fine for a while. A New Brunswick born Lebanese-Canadian, Marie-Ange has been performing in some way or another all her life. Growing up immersed in opera and classical music, Marie-Ange is now branching out into piano composition and songwriting. Her music pushes emotional boundaries and begs you to feel deeply for just a moment. Songs forged from the darkest corners of our beings, bring to light uncomfortable topics – domestic abuse, mental illness, and poverty to name a few. Marie-Ange’s music embraces life’s discomfort and brings strength and intimate vulnerability, all in the hopes that somehow growth may come. Music has a purpose, even if only to make you feel something for a fleeting moment, for what are we but fleeting moments of our own?

Saturday – SEPTEMBER 05

Thursday – SEPTEMBER 10