lowercase capital

Installation - Interdisciplinary - Poetry, Photography, Sound Fredericton

The idea of lowercase capital comes from our separate and long term interest in the rediscovery and re-contextualization of Fredericton. Eric Hill and Matt Carter have worked in the areas of music, poetry, photography, and sound art for over twenty years, and our output has frequently been inspired by or directly related to their perspectives on the city around them. For this project, they bring together their impressions and produce a collaborative work initially based in photography and poetry, combining Matt’s images from largely unremarked-upon scenes with short pieces of verse that further illuminate the energies and inner life of the city. Ultimately the goal is to present a view of the city that goes beyond its postcard potential, tapping into the underlying flow of the everyday to reveal how surprising, confounding, and inspiring what often might pass for ordinary can truly be. This initial presentation, facilitated after winning Connexion ARC’s Art Kitchen competition for 2019, takes the form of printed panels with Matt’s photography and Eric’s poetry. We hope, after the lowercase capital aesthetic is formalized, to continue creating work under the name… and perhaps invite other artists across a variety of other disciplines to share their versions of lowercase capital.

Thursday – SEPTEMBER 10