Laurel Green

Visual Artist Fredericton, NB

Laurel Green is a conjuror of community + collaborative connection; downtown bellwether by day spell casting + creative coven by night ghos+ease ghos+ease is a sculptural exploration of the complex + convoluted ties that bind us not only to those who are near, but those no longer ‘here.’ Using primarily found, upcycled + recycled materials, this physical manifestation embodies the expansive and elaborate web that is one’s “community” and illustrates the invisible, inevitably complex + underlying connections that simultaneously tie and shape us in profound, yet sometimes secretive + often unknown ways. The project sheds light on the intricacies of common threads and the duality of connection [near + far, light + dark] that tether and collectively define us in ways we may never fully realize or understand. Photo credit: Sam Evans (@screwsocietysam)