Kelsey Klip

Poetry Moncton, NB

Kelsey Klip comes from a long line of people who've had something to say. With Chilean and Eastern European roots, they honor their lineage "with our history in the soil and in the sky". She weaves her love of mysticism, feminism, and the wonders of nature into her performances and aims to engage her audiences through stories, songs and poems with the goal to break down walls and become a little more vulnerable with one another. She has performed on many stages across the west coast and was a host and organizer for Nelson BCs poetry slam for 2yrs, rallied a troupe of 30 femmes to create a multidisciplinary show which they showcased at Astral Harvest Festival in Driftpile AB and now rests in her new Acadian home growing a baby while starting a multi-linguistic poetry collective.

Thursday – JUNE 10