Katie Hamill

Visual Artist - Installation Fredericton, NB

Katie is a doctoral student and visual artist living, working, and playing on the unsurrendered and unceded traditional lands of the Wolastoqiyik peoples. Through all of her work, she seeks to understand how art practice can create identity and belonging through self-expression while simultaneously demonstrating the intersectional ways in which we experience our surrounding environment. Furthermore, she seeks to demonstrate the many ways in which art can be created using recycled material and daily household items. Her project is titled 'Life Cycle 5' The installation will feature butterflies made from plastic bottles of various colours. The butterflies will remain transparent, allowing light to shine through. The use of own my household items allows me to breathe new life into recycled materials, therefore working to embody the idea of flourishing while demonstrating how art can change the feeling of a space. Titled, Life Cycle 5, this installation symbolizes a fictional next life cycle for butterflies and speaks to a posthuman sensation during the ongoing pandemic.