"Still Life Suspension" by Emily Kennedy and Erin Goodine

  • Installation

'Still Life Suspension' takes familiar flora and suspends them in a near frozen gelatinous state. Encapsulated in cell-like in structures, the natural is taken out of context; arranged like objects in a still life, but with the capacity to shift, bend, oxidize and decompose. This will be on display in The Tannery / by The Cap from 8pm-12am on Sept 4, 9, 10, 11 & 12.

362 Queen Street, E3B 1B2

The Cap patio shows are unfortunately not physically accessible to all. The Cap patio is only accessible through a small flight of stairs (3 steps). The Wilser’s and Nest patios are accessible by a full flight of stairs (18+ steps). The Cap Record Shop is physically accessible through a ground floor entrance. Patio shows are only for patrons aged 19+.