• Multi-Media Installation
  • Sculptural Installation

SHELF LIFE is a multi-media installation featuring larger-than-life everyday objects crammed onto two free-standing cabinets. These objects are scaled up ceramic replicas of Belanger’s personal belongings.

The video and audio for this project has been generated from a series of recorded conversations conducted in January–March 2021. These conversations were held between volunteers and facilitated by Belanger and Chambers. Each volunteer was matched with another volunteer they have never met. Through an online platform (Zoom) the two participants engaged in a 30-minute conversation and with topical prompts from the artists. The participants were encouraged to discuss their experience with loneliness and isolation during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Belanger and Chambers are interested in this intersection of real and digital versions—virtual meetings and IRL situations. They have collaborated on several projects before—complementing each other in a way that makes for interesting outcomes. Belanger designs objects and Chambers develops digital environments, and they both have common interests in experimental sound design and collaborative works. They have a tendency to lean towards the weird, but also want to make the viewer contemplate something beneath the surface.

362 Queen Street, E3B 1B2

- The Cap patio requires climbing 4 stairs, and the Wilser's Room/Nest Patios require climbing a full set of stairs. Cap washrooms require climbing an additional 3 stairs. Wilser's Room washrooms require climbing an additional 6 stairs total. - If you use a wheelchair or walking aid, please e-mail before the show so we can prepare adequate space for you. - Washrooms in The Cap and Wilser's Room are all-gender, and 1 at a time. - All attendees are screened for symptoms and travel history upon entrance; contact tracing is meticulously collected. - The Cap Safer Spaces policy is in place for the duration of the event. - Pets are not allowed on the patios during events, to ensure the comfort and safety of the animals. Service animals allowed with proper verification and demarcation.