"Sardinia" by Janice Wright-Cheney

  • Multimedia

The sardine fishery, once the lifeblood of many East Coast towns, is now closed due to species collapse. Sardinia is an immersive installation that conjures the sheer abundance of the past. Using video, audio, and sculptural elements, Sardinia projects thousands of sardines swimming, without end, across a vaulted ceiling.

Fishing nets, lace textiles, a school of fish created by many hand-made individual sardines, a mesmerizing film projection by Ryan O’Toole and a haunting original sound composition by Charles Harding (Property//) and David Cheney work together to provide an otherworldly experience for the viewer.

Hours for this installation are as follows. 10 people are allowed in the space at a time. Social distancing must be maintained and masks are required (we will have some on-site if you do not have access to one).

OPENING WEEKEND September 3rd: 6-10pm September 4th: 6-10pm September 5th: 3-10pm

THURSDAY NIGHTS September 10th: 6-9pm September 17th: 6-9pm September 24th: 6-9pm October 1st: 6-9pm

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