scenic route phasing by Erin Goodine & Emily Kennedy

  • Installation

First beginning to perform together in the all-women electronic improv group Terre Wa, Erin Goodine & Emily Kennedy have been collaborators in art and music for the past several years. With Erin's background in design & visual art and Emily's background in music, the two create multi-disciplinary works that blend installation, video, projection, and sound. For Flourish 2021, Erin & Emily are interested in developing a new installation that incorporates video and sound. Using old televisions placed apart throughout a space, the installation plays with audio and visual phasing techniques, creating randomized patterns and sequences as the televisions run through their respective loops.

This installation will be on display in the window of 59 York Street in Downtown Fredericton on Friday and Saturday when the sun goes down.

E3B 3N4