• Sculptural Installation
  • Online
  • Multimedia Project

CORNELIA WEBSTER is an interactive multimedia installation-meets-alternate reality game (ARG), which can be experienced physically and/or digitally. It combines second-person storytelling, video art, and even site-specific concrete sculptures to give viewers an unusual perspective: that of Cornelia Webster, aka “The Coleman Frog”. 

The story of the Coleman Frog is fantastical but full of holes; this project fills in the gaps. The original story is itself implausible, so CORNELIA WEBSTER offers five variations to elaborate on the sparse details that have survived the years. Each tale provides a possible window into Cornelia’s time with Fred Coleman, the man who supposedly fed her human food until she grew to an impossible size.

This project examines the way that stories are transmitted, how a storyteller can inject and alter meaning through tone, and how truth and fiction are equally strange.

This project is about a frog.

CORNELIA WEBSTER can be accessed in two ways:

1. (this will open in a new window)Online - click here!

2. Via QR codes attached to numerous concrete sculptures of frogs. 

a. Five sculptures are located along the main walking trail around Killarney Lake — each sculpture links to one of the five stories. (*Recommended, if possible. An immersive experience at the place where it all began.)

b. One sculpture is located at The Cap (362 Queen St, Fredericton), which links to the entire online project. 

A mobile device and an internet connection are required to access the online components. Headphones are recommended but not necessary. Narration and text are available for each story.

1605 St Marys Street, E3G 8T4

This is an accessible venue

This is an outdoor venue and is physically accessible.