Climbing Through a Window by Blank VHS Covers

  • Online Installation
  • Multimedia Installation
  • QR Code

Blank VHS Covers are a New Brunswick-based group of three friends looking to encourage each other’s creative skills: Lauren Powell, Jessy Blanchard and Colin Streight. Blank VHS Covers hopes to make their debut with this exploratory project pulling their diverse skill sets together into a multimedia experience.

Lauren is a digital media student at NBCCD originally from Baltimore, Maryland, but based in the Maritimes for over half her life. She hopes to create immersive art for a living and is ecstatic to work on a project that lines up with her creative desires.

Jessy is a software developer and photographer from Saint John, NB who loves finding new perspectives to enjoy the beauty of the world around her.

Colin is a Fredericton based musician who writes and performs as The Archivist; drawing from a wide range of influences. He is excited to test his musical abilities to score this project.

Visit the installation online here, or visit the George Fry Gallery to access the QR code!

457 Queen Street, E3B1B7