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Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada

Sgàil a' Bhàis

Recorded by Hammy Sgìth, Albert Dalton between home studios in Newfoundland and Scotland and by Keith Morrison at Wee Studio in Stornoway, Isle of Lewis. Mixed by Albert Dalton. Music video filmed and created by MUTO MAJOR

Albert Dalton

Albert Dalton is a 22-year-old Hip-Hop artist from Newfoundland, Canada. A multitude of different flows, combined with his ability to adapt many different sub-genres of hip-hop makes him one of the most unique artists in the province. There's no telling what's next for the self-proclaimed “King of Nothing.

St John's, NFLD

Hammy Sgìth

Hammy Sgìth is an artist from Muir of Ord. He writes lyrics in Gàidhlig and makes music that reflects modern life in the Highlands. He is inspired by the musical fusion of ceòl tradiseanta and dance music by acts like Niteworks and Martyn Bennet, which he combines with anarchic and irreverent lyrics of groups like Kneecap or Peat and Diesel. He won best performance at FilmG 2020 for his song Brochan Lom, and his graffiti project Balla (2022) received national news coverage. Recently he signed to the Wee Record studio and is working on his first studio album.


Mutomajor is a multimedia audio-visual duo formed by Samm Anga and Veronica Petukhov. As a collective, our digital artwork is highly influenced by the “ready-made” culture the Dadists brought into the art world, digitalising and modernising techniques by using online found- footage. Giving life to “dead” material reinvigorates them with purpose, breathing interest into videos that would otherwise have been forgotten in cyberspace.