Post Coal Prom Queen

Music Edinburgh, Scotland

Post Coal Prom Queen are Lily Higham and Gordon Johnstone - the songwriting duo behind the band L-space and their three critically acclaimed albums; Kipple Arcadia (2018), Music for Megastructures (2019), and Feed The Engines! (2020). Their songs have been heard on BBC Radio 1, 6Music, and BBC Radio Scotland and have garnered international acclaim. Having cut their teeth with L-space, Lily and Gordon have developed a unique sound for PCPQ by blending organic textures, retrofuturistic synths, and mechanical beats with ambitious pop sensibilities - fused together with Lily's distinct vocals. The pair take influence from the likes of Boards of Canada, Portishead and Gorillaz and merge them with the duo’s unique electronic style to create their most accomplished work to date.