Charles Harding

Interdisciplinary Fredericton, NB

Charles Harding is an emerging sound maker living in Montreal, Canada and studying electroacoustic composition at Concordia University. Over the past several years he has had opportunities to showcase projects and collaborations involving immersive and interactive audiovisual installations all across the eastern half of Canada including the likes of FLOURISH Festival (Fredericton, NB, 2019/2020) and Long Winter (Toronto, ON, 2019). A focus of his compositional process is to repurpose materiality through the output of synthesized/sonified organic material. Parallel to composition of sound and music, he has recently journeyed towards developing a research creation practice. His current focus involves sonficiation of light across various artistic disciplines including sound, video, creative coding, computer vision and textile. Working with light has naturally led him to begin learning new tools such as Max/Jitter and Arduino sensors, combining them with performer improvisation to process environments across many dimensions.