Woodpainting is at once a grand multimedia narrative work, an infectious bubblegum-pop melodrama, a lyrical folk opera, a pan-idiomatic chamber piece, an anachronistic daytime-soap, and a rock epic. It is also none of these things. Woodpainting is the continuing collaboration of Akiva Zamcheck, Peter McLaughlin, and Stephanie Gould, alongside a rotating cast of kindred spirits that has included Natasha Jacobs (Thelma), Nate Allen (Friend Roulette), Zannie Owens (Really Big Pinecone), Jerusha Robinson (South China, Brown Bird), and Jeremy Robinson (Drab Pony,Plains). 

Their debut record was recorded by Carlos Hernandez & Julian Fader (of Ava Luna) at Gravesending Recordings, mixed by Paul Damian Hogan III, and mastered by Caleb Mulkerin (Big BloodSwansO'Death). It'll be out "soon."