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travis welowszky
london, on

et tu, dude?

"Set against the backdrop of a fading, post-industrial London, Ontario, an uncelebrated underclass of Do-It-Yourself musicians stare down a bleak future while searching for meaning in their community. Revelations and catharsis for their powerful histories are revealed only in an underground venue circuit of dimly lit basements, sleazy apartments, and empty art galleries as they continue to go virtually unnoticed by a placid, indifferent city. Et Tu, Dude? serves as an intimate documentation of small-town Canadian musicians screaming unheard into the void."


Director, DP, Editor: Travis Welowszky

Title Card Illustration: Danielle Fricke

Photos: Troy Biliski

Additional Audio Mastering: Peter Hurst

Music by Lonnie in the Garden, Whoop-szo, New Zebra Kid, So Young, Manager, Danielle Fricke/Snow Mantled Love, Bike Cop, + more.