Property// is a centrically electronic project that is currently local to Montreal, QC. With its blend of modular synth, airy cello and smooth, textural guitar it can be called anything from ambient to melancholic pop. Good for doing the dishes to and thinking about the meanings of mundane things.
Since its humble beginnings in the Fall of 2014, Property// has been given opportunities to perform at venues all across the eastern half of Canada including
The Grickle Grass Festival in London, ON (May 2016) and Fredericton's Harvest Jazz & Blues Festival (September 2016), FLOURISH Festival and Quality Block Party 1.2 in 2017.
Their latest release Spirals is an inescapable personal self reflection that explores ideas of time, significance of human experience, modern living and what happens to our bodies when we die. The album was written while overlooking beautifully discrete Lake George.
They're also currently touring songs from an upcoming EP to be release in springtime of 2018.