FLOURISH Festival is a celebration and presentation of independent art, music, film and more. Our annual festival is held every April with artist submissions opening in September. In addition to musical performances and art installations, we work with interdisciplinary collaborations, special venue performances, community involvement and outreach. FLOURISH Festival runs approximately two residencies per year, which allows artists from outside of Fredericton to be immersed in our vibrant cultural scene. FLOURISH is coordinated by Jane Blanchard and Stefan Westner who are both active artists and musicians within the East Coast scene. FLOURISH would not be possible without the support of the entire interdisciplinary arts community, local community and community partners.  


Flourish Festival Inc is a not-for-profit artist run organization based out of Fredericton, New Brunswick. Our mandate is to to encourage, promote, organize, present, develop and showcase interdisciplinary arts activities within the New Brunswick community; to support career development of emerging artists through artist connection, interaction and collaboration on a local, provincial and national scale. We celebrate emerging and professional artists in a four-day, multidisciplinary festival utilizing and promoting alternative venue spaces and local businesses to further arts appreciation and creative thinking. We aim to provide access to culture in everyday life by promoting the arts in safe and inclusive space. In addition to our annual festival, we run a residency program, facilitate space exchanges, host workshops and present shows throughout the year.  


We are committed to providing a safe and inclusive environment for ALL audience members and festival / event participants. We will not tolerate discrimination of any kind. We will remove anyone who is expressing behaviour that could be physically, mentally or emotionally harmful to anyone at our events (that includes audience members, bar staff, volunteers, etc). Although we will be doing our absolute best to ensure that no one feels uncomfortable - we urge anyone who notices anything that could be harmful to anyone to tell a member of staff or a volunteer. Let's all have fun and love each other! 


Unfortunately not all venues at FLOURISH Festival 2017 are fully accessible. When we post the schedule, we will note which venues are accessible. With limited alternative venue space in the city, we have to opt for less than desirable accessibility options at times - however we are looking into changing this in future years. If you want to voice a concern, or have some ideas on how to better this situation - please don't hesitate to email us at flourishfredericton@gmail.com
We understand that not everyone can afford pass pricing. This pricing is based off of the number of shows included in the festival, and if you do want to go to most events - a pass is the best way to save money. We offer all-ages passes at a lower rate which excludes events at 19+ venues. If you would like to attend FLOURISH Festival 2017, but it is not financially feasible for you - please send us an email at flourishfredericton@gmail.com :) We can sort out payment plans, volunteer options, skill or supply exchanges, and more! No one should have to miss out on an event that we put on for the community due to lack of funds. <3