halifax, ns

If boredom really does breed creativity, then Nova Scotia weirdo pop-rock sophisticates Mauno must be four intensely bored individuals. “Halifax is a weird little town,” says frontman Nick Everett of the Canadian peninsula they call home, where life unfolds in a slow-drift of tiny moments never more than a stone’s throw from the sea. “At times, it’s really boring, which I find useful for writing songs—not being distracted. I arrived here on a failed hitch-hiking trip and just keep getting drawn back.” Formed in September 2014, Mauno – pronounced Mao-no, and named after bassist Eliza Niemi’s adamantly unmusical Finnish grandfather – have a wandering sound that refuses to be pinned down. But then, what do you expect when Eliza has a background in classical cello and old R&B, while Nick boasts a record collection jammed with choral and folk? Completed by live drummer Adam White and live guitarist Scott Boudreau, Mauno’s sound is a journal of "the kind of music that's churning in our minds when we’re not focused on grocery lists.”