Alistair Jéan Cusack

Workshop - Zine Workshop Fredericton

Alistair Jéan Cusack (he/him, commonly called Al) is a facilitator, public speaker, advocate, and multidisciplinary artist. Al blends creativity, imagination, and social justice themes to deliver engaging and reflective workshops that inspire participants. As a physically disabled bisexual nonbinary person with mental illness, it is Al’s mission to become the role model he needed when he was younger. Zines Out Of Place is a zine making and art exchange virtual workshop experience about geography and identity. This workshop will guide participants through basic zine making strategies while encouraging discussion about how where we are affects who we are. In the context of COVID 19, our sense of place may be very different than it was before and, with that, our sense of self may change as well. By the end of this workshop, participants will complete zines on the topic of self and place and can optionally choose to send their final zine to a fellow participant. Date and time to be announced with our full schedule release!

Wednesday – SEPTEMBER 09