jenny berkel

Montreal, QC

Since releasing her debut album, Here on a Wire, Canadian singer-songwriter Jenny Berkel has been intoxicating listeners with her evocative songs and voice. Born in the heart of Ontario's lush forests and fields, Berkel's music has drawn her from rural Ontario to Winnipeg to Toronto and now, finally, to Montreal. This constant shifting finds its rest in her songs: her lyrics are dreamy and piercing, shimmering with memories and glittering with the quiet solitude of a night sky.

Your voice is a home I move into / Like a half dream, I hold onto / the words you say

Berkel's writing is at once gentle and hard-hitting. Her lush and low voice ornaments her poetry with melodies that soar high and clear before spilling back down again. Berkel's new sophomore album, Pale Moon Kid, was recorded with gifted producer Daniel Romano and released across Canada in April 2016 (Pheromone Recordings) and across Europe in October 2016 (Popup Records). This glowing new collection reveals writing that has grown even sharper and more lyrical. 

Like a half dream, Pale Moon Kid is indeed one to hold on to.