graeme kennedy

Fredericton, nb

Graeme Kennedy is a storytelling songwriter from Peterborough, ON, (now living in Fredericton, NB). He plays his songs with a three piece band and most often draws comparisons to Lou Reed. Graeme’s voice is deep and confident, to striking effect. I like it and my girlfriend likes it. That tells us something. He delivers even more in concert. He always has, and I’m sure he always will. He’s an odd case. He’s not the fanciest guitar player, or the flashiest singer, but he has his own way of doing things that make his performances a natural thrill. A friend of mine diagnosed Graeme as having ‘sneaky talent’. I like that, I think it works. I guess if anything he’s a testament to the power of a good song, and ultimately a good story. Everybody loves a story, and Graeme is full of them. Best of all, he tells them well.

Graeme’s debut album features a collaboration with horn player Ralph Carney (Tom Waits, Jonathan Richman, Frank Black, The Black Keys) and was produced by Shawn Bradley (Electric Six, Birthday Boys) and mixed by Jon Drew (Tokyo Police Club, Fucked Up, The Pernice Brothers).