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fredericton, nb

Cellarghost is a sea-stained four-piece from New Brunswick's southern shores. Their songs explore inter-personal isolation using macabre metaphors and undying post-punk groves. The lyrics conjure images of fictitious beings and fearful realities, obscuring whether what scares you is really there at all. Crackling amps pump out harmonically rich chords and soaring leads supported by bass lines deep below the surface and the pummelling consistency of tidal drums. Their sorrow-laced ballads might fall into dreary grooves or lift themselves up as a confident anthem. While tinkering with their debut release, Cellarghost have established themselves as local darlings at shows for The Greville Tapes Club, The Shifty Bits Circus, Harvest Jazz and Blues, and the 2015 NCRC supporting notable touring acts like Julie Doiron, Yairms, and Astral Gunk.